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Our marketing strategy involves studying the local market and industry trends to determine the most effective marketing channels.

With a mix of online and offline marketing efforts, we are able to provide our properties with consistent exposure to qualified future residents. For each building, we analyze all available marketing and advertising outlets to create the best plan specific for that property and budget.

Web Sites

Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, our property web sites provide our communities with consistent leads. With 100-300 new visits per day, they enjoy high search engine ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

With live chat functionality, real-time availability, call center integration, customized Google Analytics statistics, social media integration, and enhanced resident tools, the websites are a valuable tool for both potential and existing residents.

Our web sites also feature online pay, work order requests, and resident blogs to engage residents and keep traffic to our site high. We engage in SEO campaigns monthly to ensure that all of our properties stay high on search engines and we reach our target audience effectively.

ILS Portals

Draper and Kramer constantly evaluates Internet Listing Service platforms to find the best portals to promote our buildings. Currently most properties are on,,,, and Craigslist. We analyze weekly reports to ensure we are getting leads and our cost per lead is appropriate. Our website information is pulled daily to these sources to guarantee accurate, real-time information.

Social Media & Online Brand Management

Draper and Kramer and our properties are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Draper and Kramer Facebook page also has an app where prospects can check rates and availability for all properties.

We actively engage social media users through daily posts and monitor our social media effectiveness through the Sprout social platform. Draper and Kramer has a Corporate Online Brand Manager who is in charge of all social media and online reviews. This position constantly monitors all social media accounts and online reviews to make sure we engage our users, promote our brand, and understand what our customers are saying about our products. We host various campaigns and promotions to actively engage our users and to keep current within the digital age.


Although the online market is very popular, valuable marketing options in the print world still exist. Draper and Kramer analyzes all print from window wraps and brochures to CTA and magazine ads.

Draper and Kramer researches and analyzes existing and emerging print marketing options to determine efficient and effective options. We then negotiate to attain the best advertising rates possible for our properties.

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Draper and Kramer is pleased to be a member of the following associations:

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