Take Your Little One To The American Girl Store This Holiday Season

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If you haven’t yet made a stop into The American Girl Store and you have daughters, you’re missing out! This massive store has enough fun to last you an entire day. When you add on all of the holiday surprises this season offers, the fun will never end. Considered a paradise for girls and doll lovers, The American Girl Store is a part of The American Girl brand. The store sells dolls, accessories, and lots more. There is also a doll hair salon and a cafe to eat at.

Shopping at The American Girl Place

Girls will be amazed at the assortment of American Girl dolls available at the store. There are eight specific stores within the complex to shop at. BeForever is a shop dedicated to the timeless character dolls. These dolls are the ones you may have grown up with. Samantha, Addy, and others will be available for purchase. You can also learn about their different lives and the eras in which they lived here. Girl of the Year is another store dedicated to the dolls. This doll, is picked every year and represented the current culture. Another store, Truly Me, allows girls of all ages to pick a doll that looks like them. At this store, you can choose a doll with the same type of hair, skin color, and eye color. There are also accessories available to customize your doll.


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Other stores like Dress Like Your Doll, sell items that are geared toward the doll and the doll owner. Pick out an outfit that matches your dolls. Or, stop into Creativi-Tees. This store allows guests to create customized t-shirts for themselves and their dolls. Lastly, don’t forget to pick something up from the Bookstore, the Souvenir Shop, or Avenue AG. Avenue AG is only available in the Chicago and New York stores. This area has mini stores which girls and their dolls can explore.

Doll Services


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Did your American Girl doll lose her arm? Did your daughter accidently cut all of her doll’s hair off? If so, you can admit your American Girl Doll into the Doll Hospital at The American Girl Store. The hospital specializes in fixing American Girl dolls. The wait time is usually around two to three weeks and anything can be fixed. There are also fitting rooms for girls to try on outfits for their dolls. This is a fun way to try out the different doll clothes American Girl offers.

Lastly, you may want to take your doll to the American Girl Hair Salon. The salon offers lots of different services for your doll. Ear piercing is done here as well as getting your doll hearing aids. There are all different packages you can purchase for your doll. Some come with scrubbing to remove dirt or marks and others include items to take home to do the dolls nails. On average, the services are between $10 to $25. One mother said, “what a wonderful time…my daughter Ava’s face lit up when her doll got her hair done. What a spectacular idea! We both had a great time.” You can’t make appointments before the day-of, but once you’re there, you can block out a time.

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There’s a fun little cafe at The American Girl Store! You, your children, and their dolls can enjoy an American Girl themed meal! The bistro serves brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Each meal is prix fixe. There are specific times when seating can happen and you should have reservations. Brunch is $19 per person, lunch is $22 per person, afternoon tea is $19 per person, and dinner is $23 per person. Click here for a sample menu.


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“Went here with my cousin and her 9 year old daughter. We had a groupon which is a great way to start off any paid experience. The groupon included hair for one doll and we got to pick the do out of a book. The little one loved it. The food was okay, as you can expect from a fancy kids place. It was simple but tasted good. The staff was excellent in dealing with the needs of the girls and their dolls. They also had adult drinks for those of us who needed something to help ease into the spirit of things!”

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Christmas Events

Are those jingle bells we hear? That means it's almost time to celebrate the season with family and friends! See what's new to make girls smile. Click the link in our bio to shop now! #Joy2EveryGirl

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If American Girl Place didn’t already have tons to see and do, when you add Christmas, you’ll be up to your neck in events! On November 6th the holiday window displays were unveiled. Another really neat event is “Together, We make the Holidays” Private Shopping Night. For girls eight or older, the event allows them to shop without lots of crowds. There will be light refreshments and assistance from a personal shopper. Each girl will receive a goody bag and a copy of American Girl Magazine. The best part? This event is completely free! All you have to do is call and make reservations at 877-247-5223.

American Girl at The Nutcracker is another holiday-themed event. For $55 per person you and your child can enjoy a Christmas tradition. You’ll receive tickets to The Nutcracker, transportation, and teatime at the American Girl Cafe. You can call and reserve your spot at 877-247-5223. This event will take place at 4:00pm on December 18th. For more holiday event information visit the American Girl Store website.

Another parent who had a fabulous time said,

Great place to make memories and have a special day with a little kiddo!

Great service and theme.

Visited for 4pm tea time.

They offer cocktails to de-stress to parents:)

Hair tie napkin ring as favor along with a few other neat surprises.

They offer loaner dolls if you haven’t made the serious investment yet too!

Cute magenta, white and black decor.”