Order Up Some Unique & Legendary Chicago Pizza with These Businesses

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Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Lou Malnati's

Lou Malnati’s

Self proclaiming to be “the absolute best,” Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has been a Chicago staple since 1971, when the Malnati’s opened their first shop in Lincolnwood. It’s said that people lined the streets on the opening day to get a taste of the deep dish pizza.

Forward to now and Lou Malnati’s is still family owned and run. The pizza is legendary and has received lots of fame, including being featured on the Food Network.

Uniquely, a Lou Malnati’s pizza is created backwards. It all begins with a flaky, buttery deep dish crust. From there, mozarella slices are placed directly on top of the dough. Additional ingredients, like mushrooms or pepperonis are placed on top of the cheese and then the pizza is finished off with tomato sauce, spices, and more cheese. The sauce is known throughout the area and has chunks of pear and plum tomatoes cooked in it.


A neat fact about Lou Malnati’s pizza: the company has continued to use the same Wisconsin small dairy for cheese for over forty years.

Overall, there are 42 Lou Malnati’s, 14 dine-in restaurants and 26 carryout locations, all around and downtown Chicago.

Spacca Napoli


Spacca Napoli

Take a break from some of the deep dish pizzas and order a few Neapolitan styled ones from Spacca Napoli. Owner Jonathan Goldsmith is no stranger to Italy. In 2004, after a suggestion from a fellow traveler to open a pizzeria in Chicago, Jonathan began to entertain the idea. Later, after learning more about pizza, he became certified as a pizza maker, or Pizzaiuolo.

The pizza created at Spacca Napoli is dedicated to the traditional Neapolitan style. Opened in 2006, the restaurant has been claimed to showcase the heart of Italy and Italian cooking.

The pizze, or pizza, is made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. San Marzano tomatoes are a popular ingredient, which are known to grow on volcanic plants to the south of Mount Vesuvius, a mountain near Naples, Italy.

Spacca Napoli’s menu lists about seventeen different pizzas. Each is made with either cow’s milk mozzarella or water buffalo milk mozzarella. The eatery is located in Lincoln Square.

Gino’s East


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Everyone who visits Chicago always stops in at Gino’s East. It doesn’t matter how long the pizza takes to bake (about 45 minutes) or how long the line is outside, people will get their Gino’s pizza! Known as “Chicago’s legendary deep dish pizza,” Gino’s is known all around the world for their massive slices.

Gino’s came to be after two taxi drivers and a friend decided to open a pizzeria. They were frustrated with rush hour traffic and opened the shop off Michigan Avenue. Immediately the deep dish pizza was a big hit with Chicagoans. Today, the pizza is identical as to when the restaurant first opened and you can see people’s names written all over the walls. Celebrities and people from all over the world make the trip to Chicago just for Gino’s!

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One of the most popular options is the Meaty Legend deep dish pizza. The pizza is massive with the sauce on top of the cheese. All the meats are worked into this pizza including pepperoni, italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and regular bacon. The chunky tomato sauce and sweet cornbread-like crust will have you dreaming of it in your sleep.

Chances are, you’ll only be able to eat one slice, maybe two. The pizzas are really large and extra deep. A small has only four slices and is $24.

Gino’s has been growing rapidly and even has a frozen pizza line (available in Illinois). There are four downtown locations and six suburb locations. You can also find Gino’s in Wisconsin and in Texas.

Chicago Pizza Boss


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Have you ever been on your lunch break downtown and wished there was fresh made-to-order pizza right in front of you? Well, now it’s not a problem with Chicago Pizza Boss! Couple Antonella and Giuseppe decided to combine their talents and become their own bosses by created a food truck. The truck creates freshly made Neapolitan pizza and Italian street food.

Inside the truck, painted with Italian colors, is a wood fire pizza. Each pizza is made-to-order and can feed about two people. On the menu are pizzas, desserts, fresh cut fries, and some other options.


Pizza, Photo Credit: Yelp

The pizza is fantastic. Red pizzas are made with twenty-four hour proofed artisan dough, award winning caputo fresh mozzarella, imported grated parmesan cheese, imported crushed san marzano tomatoes, and evoo drizzle. There are about seven different red pizzas. The Margherita is popular and has organic basil on it. Another option is the 4 Seasons which has toppings of sliced olives, artichokes, crimini mushrooms, and imported prosciutto.

White pizzas from Chicago Pizza Boss have less ingredients as a base. They’re made with same ingredients as the res pizzas, but only without the tomatoes and evoo. A favorite is the Pesto White which has imported D.O.P. basil pesto. Another popular white pizza is the Five Cheese which has fresh mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, romano, & crumbled bleu cheese.

You can find out where the truck will be by following their Twitter account. There’s also a monthly schedule posted on their website.

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Yelpper Joanna says “Track these guys down! This pizza was one of the best I’ve had. They use the freshest ingredients and cook it in a wood burning brick oven. The arancini was perfect.  The only down side is that I could finish an entire pizza by myself and you have track them as this is a food truck. This is definitely worth a try. “